I’m moving from medium.com to a different blog (not yet decided, I welcome recommendations).

I’ve archived my old rants and posts. Also, if you are a fan you’ve probably noticed I’ve not been blogging for a while — I have nothing to say to improve the silence :)

Maybe, just maybe, keeping this space for book reviews might be a viable option. Battling with my idealistic ambitions to write often (no matter how terribly I do it) and my overwhelming experience in procrastination. My current ‘legit’ excuses borders my requirement to rest longer than I’ve been doing and that one of spending more time with my elder son (I’m literately finding new activities to do with him every Saturday morning).

Anyways, I’ve hundreds of draft articles in my computer, I just need courage to go through them (a mess) and find a gem for weekly posts or try being decent enough to setup a personal blog and dump ’em (which I’ve tried before without consistency). Whatever the case, let’s chit-chat on Twitter, keep sending those mad memes my way, and remember to burst your bubbles.

See y’all later.